Thursday, June 10, 2010


I'm sure, if I did get to go to Heaven, Snickersnee, is what it would be like!
I went in, and there were knives and swords all over the place. I wish I had enough money for them all. Although my dreams were partially fulfilled with the knife, axe and sword, that I could afford.
Snickersnee made me feel like a Viking again, with a backstage pass to Valhalla!

Snickersnee is in Winchester Bay on the Oregon Coast

I had to get this knife, because the blue gem in the sheath looked so awesome, and the dragons on the handle and the sheath, looked pretty awesome too!

I walked in and saw this one, and just fell in love with Snickersnee, all over again. The poster that came with it wasn't too bad either! If you love this sword too, then check it out, in the movie Heavy Metal.

Now this axe, just screamed at me to buy it, just felt so good in my hands, i knew we were meant to be together...
In a few days I will post more pictures, and maybe a little later even some more swords.


  1. Awesome weapons. I especially like the dragon dagger. I wouldn't hang the Heavy Metal sword over your bed.

  2. Please check out the forthcoming book about historical Dutch knife fighting at:
    After all, the name Snickersnee comes from the Dutch expression "steken of snijden" (stabbing or cutting).