Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dragon Boats

I love the Portland-Kaohsiung Sister City Association dragon boat races held during Rose Festival.

                               Wasabi Special Dragons Black going for the flag.

            Wasabi Special Dragons Black (minus the guy in the boat) capturing the flag

It's fun to be on a team with friends/team mates. I like when my team mates stop the boat, and I can paddle the full, weighted down boat all by myself. The Max is helpful for getting me downtown. Dragon boats makes me want to be a privateer, even more! The only time I get sea/motion sick is when i quit paddling.

                                               I'm the one with the hair

Joining a team sport like dragon boats, is good, and helpful for meeting friends too. Make sure you write your name all over your paddle, so no one else takes it.

                   Wasabi Special Dragons Green heading home from a hard race.

                           Wasabi Green could only muster the energy to smile after the race

Make sure you don't fall in the Willamette. The Willamette it's like someone from England liked the Thames River in England so much, they decided to make one in Portland too! I especially like it because I get to go to a pottery class right after it!
PS- Don't leave your mouth open when you paddle, or prepare to taste the Willamette's furry!!!

                              The geese are the only ones with the gall to swim in the Willamette

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